A Forest Lake teenager has been arrested and charged with scaring people in the quickly spreading worldwide creepy clown prank. The 15-year old teen was found wearing a clown mask and standing on the side of a road in Inala last Monday night, waving a knife. Concerned motorists who saw him called the police.

The clown craze, which according to Time Magazine started in August in Greenville in South Carolina, USA, quickly spread to the other US states, the UK, Canada, now has now come to Australia. Victoria Police told CNN that intimidating and threatening, and anti-social behaviors would not be tolerated.

The clowns have terrified school children and adults, with clown sightings in Australia now going as far as Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. Some clowns have even gone as far as to threaten people. In Escambia County in Florida USA, a 22-year old woman linked to a clown social media account was arrested for making a terrorist threat on Facebook.

Australian police urge residents to report any clown sightings to the police.