Linwood residents unhappy with pending group home

Amy Doeun
Linwood Town Hall was unusually full on the evening of Oct. 11. More than 60 residents gathered to give their feedback to a proposed group home going in at 5810 Cranberry Drive.
Town Attorney Mike Haag prefaced the discussion saying that the group home will be coming to Cranberry Drive despite opposition.
“We don’t see any way that we can block this,” he said. “The primary decision maker is the federal and state government. For zoning purposes, this is a permissible use of the land. To do anything other than (approve it) would be to invite a federal lawsuit.”
The property at Cranberry Drive is owned by Wendy Stewart and previously had a license through the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a sort of group foster home of elderly people with disabilities. Now Stewart and her partners Gena Evans and Luke Weller have applied for a license to increase the

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