ECM Editorial: Don’t you dare not vote!

What’s the worst statement to come out of any adult American’s mouth this week?
“I’m not voting!”;
While all indications are that we’ll have a huge voter turnout this year, we’ve heard that some of you, especially those who feel disdain for the candidates at the top of the presidential ballot, are staying home.
If that’s you, we urge you to reconsider.
First, if you feel not voting will be read as some kind of protest statement on the presidential race, don’t expect your inaction to have an impact. Not voting can mean many things – you’re apathetic, you don’t understand the issues or many other reasons.
If you are not a Clinton or Trump supporter, you have several options. There are seven third party candidates on this year’s ballot in Minnesota. You can write in a presidential candidate.
But secondly and most important, not voting means you are giving up your opportunity to express your

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