Man gets 20 years for prostitution conviction

A St. Paul man charged with acting as a pimp for a 17-year-old Forest Lake girl was sentenced Oct. 28 to 20 years in prison after he was convicted of promoting the prostitution of an individual.
Damon Michael DiMartino, 41, was first charged in connection with the case in November 2015, when a police investigation of a domestic dispute led to the discovery that a Forest Lake resident, then 17, was supporting herself via prostitution after being kicked out of her;
Shortly after leaving her home at age 16, according to the criminal complaint, the girl met DiMartino at a party and asked him for a loan. DiMartino told her she needed to work for it instead, which led to her stripping on party buses and ultimately performing sex acts for money. Court records state that the girl told police that DiMartino gave the girl drugs and alcohol to calm her

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