Columbus teacher is marathon master

Submitted photoSteve Carr was fortunate enough to run a marathon with his daughters Megan and Britta.
A deep dive into the world of competitive distance running was never something that Steve Carr planned on, but now that he is up to his neck in the sport, he would have it no other way.
“In high school, running was something I just did,” Carr said. “It was something I enjoyed and was good at, and so I kept it up.”;
Carr’s running continued into college where he competed for Golden Valley Lutheran and then one summer, without really planning it, he found himself running 100 miles a week for 13 weeks.
“After that summer, I pretty much knew that this running thing was more than just a hobby, but rather a real passion,” Carr said. “Running is my church. It is where I go to be by myself and do a lot of my deep

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