Linwood considers Family Fun Day date

Amy Doeun
Linwood Reporter
First on the agenda for the Dec. 13 Linwood Town Board meeting was the date of the 2017 Linwood Family Fun Day. For the past 40 or so years, the day has been held on the first Saturday after Labor Day. Supervisor Bob Millerbernd said that he liked this day because it was the weekend after the first week the students were back to school, and most families did not have vacation;
However, another tradition of Family Fun Day is the Fireman’s Dance in the evening. This year, the Linwood firefighters were not able to hold their dance on the same day. Each of the neighboring fire departments – Stacy and Wyoming – try to rotate their town’s special events so that they can cover for each other. A scheduling conflict meant that the Linwood Fire Department was on duty helping neighboring towns during the 2016 Linwood Family

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