2016: A Year in Review

Residents from all of the communities served by The Forest Lake Times weighed in on hot-button issues and shared inspiring stories in 2016. Throughout the year, The Times found that a few stories in particular made a big impact with readers, while other stories seemed to return month after month with new wrinkles or progress. The following list picks out 10 of the biggest stories in Forest Lake and the surrounding area this year.broadstreet.zone(48036);
10. Cable conundrums
With staff turnover at Lakes Area Television and the station’s lease ending this year, the three cities that make up the Forest Lake Cable Commission decided to take another look at whether it was worth keeping public access content going in their communities. For Scandia, the answer was no, and the city voted in July to leave the commission, leaving Columbus and Forest Lake as the sole members.
Proponents of disbanding or scaling back the duties

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