FL second-graders ‘bridge’ the language gap

Submitted photoStudents in Kirsten Ramsden’s second-grade class recently crossed a bridge signifying no more English in the classroom. The students will now speak strictly Spanish for the rest of the year.
Recently, students in Kirsten Ramsden’s Forest View Elementary second-grade class participated in a special ceremony to signify progress in language learning.
The students, some of the first in the district to have been offered a foreign language curriculum beginning in kindergarten, were part of a bridging ceremony on Dec. 15. The children crossed over from a classroom that was a mix of English and Spanish speaking and will now speak only Spanish (with exceptions when necessary).broadstreet.zone(48036);
“My students have gradually been working up to this point since September by earning points when they speak Spanish,” Ramsden said. “The bridging ceremony was an exciting moment for all of the students to truly push themselves in using their Spanish and also to surprise themselves

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