ECM Editorial Board: Our message to lawmakers

Newspaper editorial boards across Minnesota must feel at times as if they are speaking to a brick wall when it comes to making recommendations to state lawmakers.
And there is good reason for such;
Repeated recommendations to the Minnesota Legislature during and in the closing days of the 2016 session mostly fell on deaf ears. Repeated calls for a special session in the final six months of 2016 to take care of unfinished regular session business also fell on deaf ears.
It is almost incomprehensible that lawmakers would go home without completing action on key subjects that included bonding, taxes and transportation. But yet they did after 11th-hour negotiations exploded in their faces, leaving no wiggle room for resolution. With those failures on the books, lawmakers were still unable to resolve their differences and meet in special session to take care of unfinished business.
Even with the added pressure of a mutual desire

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