Save money, do good: Use less salt

Angie Hong
Guest Columnist
Late last year, snow glittered in the moonlight, and 5.4 million Minnesotans tried to decide whether they love or hate;
When the first round of snow came, my family flocked with others to the sledding hill at Stillwater Junior High, where we tumbled down the hill with dog in tow for nearly an hour. The next weekend, when temperatures hit minus 20 degrees, we holed up inside, baking dozens and dozens of cookies. If all goes according to plan, we’ll continue praising and cursing the winter in equal measure for the next three to four months.
Perhaps no aspect of winter is as tiresome and unfun as shoveling our driveways and sidewalks. I clearly recall the morning three years ago when I called my husband, sobbing hysterically, after I’d spent more than an hour trying to shovel my driveway clear while home alone with a 2-year old. That was

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