Man frostbitten as drinkers bolt from party

One person was seriously injured early in the morning Jan. 8 after several underage drinkers fled a party in a Wyoming home, Wyoming police reported.
According to Director of Public Safety Paul Hoppe, two officers responded to a noise complaint around 12:30 a.m. at a home in the 4500 block of East Viking Boulevard. When they arrived, he said, the officers found that a party with roughly 150 people in attendance was being thrown at the home, and many of the people imbibing alcohol at the party appeared to be below the legal drinking limit. The officers began organizing people into groups depending on whether they were above or below the drinking limit, but their priorities began to change as people began to flee into the freezing temperature – including one man, later identified as Travis Vanelsberg, 20, of North Branch, who allegedly barricaded himself in an second-story room before diving

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