BK’s Gymnastics Eyes Expansion in Richlands

BK’s Gymnastics
Photo Credit: BKGymSwim/Facebook

BK’s Gymnastics, one of Australia’s largest-privately owned health and leisure companies, is planning to expand in Richlands with a children’s “super leisure centre” that will offer gymnastics and swimming lessons in one roof.

Working in partnership with Allstars, a gymnastics club based in Toowomba with over 1,200 participants, BK’s Gymnastics has seen growth in the last two years, driving the group to open new sites and make sports more accessible to the children. 

The Richlands centre location has not yet been divulged but it will be one of two new sites to open in Queensland, with Springfield Lakes as the other location. The facilities will be geared towards launching fun programs for children of all ages, including babies who could learn swimming at three months old. 


  • BK’s Gymnastics will open a “super leisure centre” for kids in Richlands.
  • The company has partnered with Allstars gymnastics club to open more sites across the country in 2021. 
  • Gymnastics continues to be a popular sport for children below 12 years old.

“Many in the industry, including BK’s Gymnastics, have been working hard to make the sport more accessible and provide programs for younger kids and a progressive pathway through the sport as kids grow,” Allstars’ owner Vicki Flamsteed said. Ms Flamsteed will steer BK’s Gymnastics growth in the region.

The CEO believes that the training they will provide at their centres will enhance the balance and coordination of the children, especially if they decide to pursue other sports.

Photo Credit: BKGymSwim/Facebook

In particular, interest in gymnastics among Australian children below 12 has risen to 17 percent in the time of COVID-19, according to an AusPlay survey

Meanwhile, BK’s Gymnastics and Allstars, under the Belgravia Group banner, launched a new franchise model to target 10 locations across the country for the current calendar year. 

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