Blue Fin Fishing Club in Inala Casts a Line for the Future with Major Renovations

Blue Fin Fishing Club in Inala

The Blue Fin Fishing Club in Inala is preparing for a major transformation. The much-loved community hub is set to undergo extensive renovations that will breathe new life into the venue and enhance the experience for its diverse clientele.

Photo Credit: Blue Fin Fishing Club

Blue Fin Fishing Club general manager Peter Purins expressed excitement about the project, stating that the renovations will cater to the evolving needs of the Inala community. The goal is to create a more welcoming and inclusive space for everyone, reflecting the vibrant mix of families, young professionals, and long-time residents that make Inala unique.

Photo Credit: BlueFinFishingClub

A key focus of the renovations will be the addition of a dedicated family lounge with an attached children’s play area.

This will provide a safe and enjoyable space for families to relax and spend time together, acknowledging the importance of family-friendly environments in a suburb where the average age is around 32.

Photo Credit: BlueFinFishingClub

The club’s bar, bistro, and lounge areas will also see significant upgrades. The sports bar will be modernised with cutting-edge audiovisual technology, ensuring patrons can catch every sporting moment while enjoying their favourite drinks.

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The bistro will receive enhancements to improve efficiency and create a fresh, modern ambience. A highlight will be the addition of a rotisserie-style roaster, allowing diners to watch their meals being prepared on a captivating display.

Photo Credit: BlueFinFishingClub

Stage 1 of the renovation work commenced on 29th April and is expected to continue until mid-August. During this time, the club is committed to maintaining its services by relocating operations to different areas within its expansive facilities.

Purins emphasised the club’s passion for the project and its potential positive impact. The renovations are expected to elevate every aspect of the Blue Fin experience, from the moment guests enter the club to the final moments of their visit.

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Published Date 13-May-2024