Brisbane Broncos Program Brings Famous Athletes to Forest Lake

Indigenous students from Forest Lake High School were able to meet with Australian sporting legends as part of a Brisbane Broncos special event.
Photo credit: Brisbane Broncos

Indigenous Australian sporting legends came to visit the students at Forest Lake High School as part of a Brisbane Broncos event to inspire indigenous children. 

On Tuesday the 11th of May 2021, roughly 30 indigenous students from Forest Lake High School were able to meet with Australian sporting legends at an event hosted by the Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy. 

Justin Hodges and Beryl Friday, of the Brisbane Broncos and the Queensland Firebirds respectively, ran interactive workshops throughout the day to inspire and encourage indigenous students to work hard and aspire for greatness. 

Justin Hodges and Beryl Friday.
Photo credit: CC BY/Anke/Wikimedia Commons.
CC BY-SA/Sheba_Also/Wikimedia Commons

The Brisbane Broncos program, which was created to assist indigenous girls in schools all over Australia by providing them with educational opportunities, was first launched in Forest Lake in 2020. Currently, the program is assisting over 1,700 girls across Queensland and New South Wales between Year 7 and Year 12. 

Following the program’s launch in late 2020, the school has seen a sharp increase in the attendance rate of indigenous students, especially after they received visits from Australian sporting legends who endorse the program and its goals. 

One such example includes the former ANZ champion and Beyond the Broncos ambassador Beryl Friday, who played for the Queensland Firebirds. Beryl, a proud Nyungkul woman, stated that education is “…one of the most important things women can have” as it allows them to make informed decisions which can benefit them now, as well as future generations. 

“Through the Broncos Girls Academy, we have a unique opportunity to make Australia better for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and give them the tools to pave a successful path for their futures,” said Ms Friday. 

The Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy was first established in 2016 and it has supported more than 4,000 students since then, inspiring children by recognising the vital role young indigenous women play in influencing future generations. 

For more information, visit their website here. Follow their Facebook page for the latest updates and announcements concerning the program.