Building Expansion Can’t Keep Pace with Pallara State School Enrolment Surge

Pallara State School
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Construction delays at one of Queensland’s fastest-growing schools, Pallara State School, can’t keep pace with the rapid growth of student enrollment. Due to this increased demand and current overcapacity, some parents have expressed concerns that their children might not have classrooms when the new school term starts.

Following the opening of Pallara State School in 2016, several housing developments around the area have pushed the Department of Education to prioritise the school’s expansion. 

In June 2022, the Queensland Government’s 2022 to 2023 budget included the delivery of $4.4 million for more classrooms. However, the new buildings apparently won’t be ready until late March 2023, per a spokesperson.

Instead, the Department of Education will be setting up alternative classrooms until the actual buildings become operational. But some parents feel this solution will affect their children’s learning despite assurances that these temporary spaces will have classrooms and play areas conducive to learning. 

An official from Pallara State School said that if the new buildings are already installed, the school could accept 1,260 students as opposed to the current maximum enrolment capacity of 1,142 students. 

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