Forest Lake Parklands Masterplan Revealed; Park To See Huge Upgrades

Photo credit: BrisParks

Situated in the heart of Forest Lake in Brisbane, Lake Parklands is one of the best places to go to if you want to get a taste of Queensland’s wildlife and take in the beauty of mother nature. Just recently, Cr Charles Strunk revealed the masterplan for a revitalised Lake Parklands area.

Following an election promise, Cr Strunk guarantees that he will restore the area. The $50,000 masterplan will be signed off by the end of 2017. The plan includes an ampitheatre at the lake stage to host council movie nights, bands and other events. There will also be an exercise park near the lake boat ramp.

Large areas would also undergo re-turfing along with the installation of new seating and barbecues in several locations. Rotundas will also be restored.

Cr Strunk held a public consultation meeting with the residents and said that all their feedback was being considered before the final draft is adopted.