Get Your Toastie and Coffee Fix at The Espresso Lab in Forest Lake

Photo Credit: ForestLakeCoffee/Facebook

Located at a shopping centre on Joseph Banks Avenue in Forest Lake is the tiny cafe known as The Espresso Lab.

Since it opened in 2017, this restaurant has been known for its diverse choices of toasties paired with a cup of nutty-flavoured Italian roasted coffee.

The Espresso Lab’s menu changes from time to time so it’s hard to pick a classic favourite to stick with. However, you’ll likely keep coming back to try the toasties to spice up your breakfast or brunch.

In the past, The Espresso Lab has served a Hawaiian Toastie with pineapple, pizza sauce, ham and cheese and a Minced Toastie filled with beefy and cheesy goodness. They’ve also prepared Blueberries with Cream Toastie, which could pass off as a meal and dessert rolled into one.

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Photo Credit: ForestLakeCoffe/Facebook
Photo Credit: ForestLakeCoffe/Facebook
Photo Credit: ForestLakeCoffe/Facebook

The cafe also offers heartwarming soup on a chilly winter’s day. At certain periods, the toasties come with a free drink.

This business prides in its homemade preparations. The coffee choices, on the other hand, are decent and the store also offers eggnogs, chai latte, hot chocolate and tea if coffee isn’t your thing.

Store hours for The Espresso Lab change by the season. However, the cafe is usually open for breakfast at 6:00 a.m. until brunch.

“Amazing coffee.
Amazing Avocado on toast.
Amazing friendly owner & staff.
Never disappointed.”

~ Tonia Russo, Facebook

“Best $2 cheese toasties in the city. Love supporting local businesses and The Expresso Lab customer service is second to none.”

~ Steven Trlin, Google Reviews