A Giving Heart and An Open Home in Forest Lake For the Lonely & Alone on Christmas Day

Photo credit: Spice4Life

Christmas is a time of giving and a Forest Lake resident made sure that she gives more than she receives.

Ms Elizabeth Ferguson first posted on the Forest Lake community page weeks before Christmas looking for strangers to have lunch with on Christmas day. She specifically posted that she’s looking for someone “who has nowhere to go and might not be able to have a nice X’mas lunch due to finances.”

The lunch will be for four adults in their 60s and 80s. Her kids couldn’t come for Christmas lunch so she was left with two empty seats. However, she thought that no one would come having no response for a few weeks but at the last minute, two adults turned up, one from Spring Lake and the other from Forest Lake.

Ms Ferguson was very happy to have the empty seats filled and the fact that she has gotten to know these strangers more.

According to her, she always wanted to open her home to the less fortunate and lonely but her family discouraged her in the past. This also comes from her parents dying many years ago and how she would always feel sad during Christmas day.

Next year, she plans to start a register to connect people spending Christmas alone with families willing to open her homes.