“Hold the Red”: Red Light-Runner Detection Technology Set to Expand Across Queensland

“Hold the Red”: Red Light-Runner Detection Technology Set to Expand Across Queensland

Following a series of successful trials conducted over the last five years at four intersections in southeast Queensland, including Calamvale, the innovative technology aimed at preventing accidents due to red light running is now poised for expansion to more than 12 new locations.

The “Hold the Red” system employs radar technology to identify vehicles that appear likely to run a red light. When a potential danger is detected, the opposing traffic lights are held on red, preventing vehicles from entering the intersection and thereby reducing the risk of T-bone collisions.  

The system is designed to maintain the opposing lights on red for a duration of two seconds, allowing sufficient time to avert potential accidents.

Whilst the primary objective of the system is to minimise crashes at these locations, motorists caught by the radar will also face penalties through infringement notices for the offence. 

Furthermore, those found to be speeding in an attempt to beat the light change will be subject to additional fines.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey announced that the “Hold the Red” technology will be implemented at various locations across Queensland, encompassing North Queensland, Western Queensland, Central Queensland, and South East Queensland. 

The selection of these places is based on crash statistics and the kind of occurrences that have taken place there.

“This National Road Safety Week, Queenslanders are being asked to ‘drive so that others survive,” he said.

“It’s an important message that reminds us that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“Motorists who run red lights pose a potentially deadly risk to other road users.

Mr Bailey added that the technology has proven effective in preventing a significant number of accidents, revealing that it successfully averts 33 per cent, or one in three, crashes caused by red light runners. This underscores the system’s ability to not only save lives, but also mitigate the catastrophic outcomes often associated with T-bone collisions.

The expansion of the “Hold the Red” trial into regional Queensland, in addition to Brisbane, has been met with positive reception.

RACQ CEO David Carter highlighted the impact of red light violations on vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists, scooter riders, and pedestrians. He emphasised the importance of responsible driving and urged all road users to prioritise the safety of others, drawing attention to National Road Safety Week.

“The expansion is a key feature of the Queensland Road Safety Action Plan 2022-24 and will further assist as we work towards achieving our Queensland Road Safety Strategy 2022–31 targets of reducing fatalities by 50% and serious injuries by 30% by 2031,” Mr Bailey concludes.

The ‘Hold the Red’ technology is expected to be installed by mid-2024.

Published 16-May-2023