Ibis Takes Over Forest Lake

Photo credit: mdahlem.net

The ibis belongs to one of Australia’s protected species. In the south of Brisbane, specifically in Forest Lake, there is a huge number of them in the suburb’s Bird Island — to the point that they have caused damage to the area.

Due to the thousands of Ibis that have taken residence in the area, Bird Island is now also known as “Bin Chicken Island.” However, despite the jokes about the island, some residents are not happy with how these birds are causing havoc to the area. Trees have been stripped of leaves, leaving other birds with no place to live.

Not surprisingly, bird droppings have also caused an unpleasant smell around the area. Locals who frequently walk by the area have started to avoid it because it has become such an eyesore and the smell can sometimes be too overpowering.

A popular theory as to why these birds have taken refuge in the area is because of the high number of people who feed the lake’s ducks and swans with bread. There have even been sightings of people throwing as much as an entire loaf of bread for the birds. With that amount of food available, a lot of birds, including ibis, have been conditioned to stick around.

The Brisbane City Council is aware of the ibis problem. They are now closely monitoring the growing population of ibis in the suburb. They have also started to implement some rules, such as reducing food sources and installation of signages that warn visitors not to feed the birds. Cleansing of picnic areas has already begun as well.

Other efforts being done by the Council that are also applicable to other suburbs are the installation of covered ibis-proof litter bins, implementation of a bird management program in problem urban areas, and adopting a coordinated approach to ibis management with other councils in the city.

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BCC also urges residents to make an effort to contribute to the reduction of the numbers of ibis in their properties. The guidelines to follow are listed here.