Inala Celebrates New Life with its Annual ‘Welcoming the Babies’ Ceremony

Photo Credit: fancycrave1/Pixabay

Over a thousand families have been part of Inala’s “Welcoming the Babies” Ceremony since it started in 2008. A new batch will be experiencing the same honour and celebration this September. 

Happening on Saturday, the 7th of Sept. 2019, the annual Welcoming the Babies Ceremony will take place at the Durack State School on Inala Avenue. From 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., the event hosted by the South West Progress Association will include an enlightening talk on the role of parents, grandparents, families and guardians in rearing the future members of the community.

Every new baby who has been registered to this event will be presented on stage with a certificate, a gift bag with a native plant, and a photo opportunity with esteemed locals like Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. 

“I love this event, it’s a wonderful celebration of new life in my local community,” said Ms Palaszczuk. 

Photo Credit: South West Progress Association/Facebook

This year’s celebration will have heaps of activities for the older kids to enjoy, such as jumping castle, face painting and pony rides. Carole Park Swimming Pool will be giving away free baby class vouchers and family swimming pool passes. 

A pop-up library and a stall for parents’ education will also be mounted at the ceremony for the benefit of new mums and dads.

For enquiries about Welcoming the Babies ceremony, phone the secretariat at 0417702929.