Inala Intersection Revamped Under Black Spot Program

black spot program
Photo credit: Google Street View

After works have been completed for the Black Spot program at Forest Lake and two other locations in the state, residents of Inala can now get home sooner and safer with the upgrade of the Kittyhawk Avenue and Inala Avenue intersection. 

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This upgrade is the fourth and final project in this year’s program, completing a series of essential road safety improvements across Brisbane.

The Inala intersection upgrade is the latest in a series of significant projects aimed at improving road safety and reducing congestion. Earlier works included upgrades at:

  • Johnson Road in Forest Lake
  • Bay Terrace and Chestnut Street in Wynnum
  • Bennetts Road, Macrossan Avenue, and Crown Street in Norman Park

About the Black Spot Program

black spot program
Photo credit: Google Street View

Since the 2010-11 financial year, the Black Spot Program has successfully completed upgrades at 63 locations across Brisbane, demonstrating a strong commitment to enhancing road safety.

The Black Spot Program is a critical part of the National Road Safety Strategy, which aims to reduce the risk of crashes by implementing targeted upgrades at high-risk locations. The program focuses on:

  • Cost-effective treatments for locations with a history of casualty crashes.
  • Reducing rural road trauma in alignment with national safety policy objectives.
  • Proactive measures to address potential crash sites and other road safety concerns.

By addressing both current and potential hazards, the program works to lower the social and economic costs of road trauma.

Increased Investment in Road Safety

Starting from 1 July 2024, the Federal Government will increase its commitment to the Black Spot Program, raising funding to $150 million per year. This enhanced investment reflects the government’s dedication to reducing road injuries and fatalities across Australia.

Funding for Black Spot projects is prioritised based on the highest safety benefits identified through an annual review process. Nominations for black spot locations come from a variety of sources, including State governments and local councils, community groups and associations, road user groups and industry representatives, and individuals.

This inclusive approach ensures that the most critical areas receive attention and that community needs are met effectively.

With the completion of the Kittyhawk Avenue and Inala Avenue intersection upgrade, local residents can look forward to a safer and more efficient commute. This project, alongside others in the program, underscores the ongoing efforts to reduce the national road toll and improve safety for all road users.

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The Black Spot Program continues to be a vital contributor to these efforts, providing the necessary financial support to improve hazardous locations. As a result, more people can enjoy safer travel, getting home sooner and more securely each day.

Published 25-June-2024