Locals Call For Public Bus Service In Pallara

pallara bus
A bus stop at Wadeville St, Pallara (Photo credit: Google Street View)

Hundreds of residents in Pallara joined a petition asking authorities to provide public bus services within the area.

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Resident Sam Spaliviero started the petition for the safety of children who had to take Ubers to school due to the lack of buses. Whilst there are TransLink stops in some streets, locals said buses don’t actually stop there. 

Ms Spaliviero highlighted that sales pitches for real estate in Pallara promised public transport, but several years after the boom of subdivisions in the area, there are still no buses in sight. 

She said there is no way of connecting in and out of the suburb unless they walk over seven kilometres through terrain of unpathed streets.

Outside one of the schools in Pallara (Photo credit: Google Street View)

“This is not a safe journey for people of Pallara to endure. Safety of our children is paramount in our current climate and is not a safe suburb to walk whilst their is so much movement with developments,” Ms Spaliviero said.

“My family has been living in Pallara for over 60yrs and back when I was in school even then we needed more public transport out this way. We need buses that run from Pallara to the city and so forth. Also buses that go out to Ipswich and logan. Bring out more public transport out at Pallara,” said Jade, one of the residents who signed the petition.

brisbane bus service
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Facebook

Brisbane City Council said they are aware of the issue and that they have been fighting for many years to get the Queensland Government to fund the project. 

A spokesperson from Council confirmed they have submitted around four business cases for bus services in Pallara but each has been rejected.

For now, residents are still hoping that authorities will consider their request. Ms Spaliviero is also encouraging other community members to sign the Change.org petition to get the basic services they need.