Mixed Reactions To Proposed Shopping Centre In Pallara

201 Gooderham Rd, Pallara (Photo credit: Google Street View)

Plans to build a shopping centre on Gooderham Rd in Pallara would likely be delayed. Queensland Investment Corporation, who owns Forest Lake Shopping Centre, has objected to the proposal which has also drawn mixed reactions from locals.

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According to a letter sent to ratepayers on 9 December 2021, Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) had objected to BluePoint Property’s plans for the new shopping centre located at 201 Gooderham Rd, Pallara.

QIC owns Forest Lake Shopping Centre, which is around 3 kilometers away from Pallara. Cr Owen, whose ward covers the fast-developing suburb, revealed in the letter that by objecting, QIC now has the legal right to appeal Council’s approval. This means the construction of the shopping centre would likely be delayed.

“The proposed development conflicts with the Strategic Framework of the Planning Scheme, Rural Zone Code and the Willawong Neighbourhood Plan Code. The scale and intensity of the proposed uses are considered to exceed the demand for those anticipated for the site under the Planning Scheme and expectations of projected rapid population growth,” QIC has written in a submission to BCC.

Based on plans (A005772656) submitted to the Brisbane City Council, BluePoint Property is seeking to build a new shopping centre with a range of centre activity uses, including food and drink outlets, health care service, indoor sport and recreation, offices and shops.

Based on the plans, the total gross floor area of the shopping centre will be 6,797 sqm. According to QIC, this size exceeds the threshold of 4,000 sqm previously considered for a neighbourhood centre on the site. 

Pallara Common artist's rendition
Pallara Common (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

Locals’ Feedback

The development application has received mixed reactions from residents, with some residents supporting the plan and some a bit uncertain about it because of traffic concerns.

“The report did not assess the impact to AM peak. Increase in turning movements onto Pallara Ave coupled with greater proportion of egress movements from Pallara Ave onto Gooderham Rd potentially have increased delay,” said one resident who supports the proposal but has some traffic concerns which were not allegedly not addressed in the applicant’s submitted traffic statement.

Pallara shopping centre site
Subject site (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

“The traffic report indicates that the 294 car parks is less than the recommended 322 parks according to the TAPS Planning Scheme Policy. This reduction is explained away because of the varying usages of tenancies, but it doesn’t appear to consider that this would be the only neighbourhood center to service Pallara and is likely to attract increased usage from residents who currently commute outside of the suburb for shopping purposes,” said another local.

On a positive note, those who supported the new shopping centre believe it will create hundreds of jobs for locals and families will also be able to walk to the shops which will reduce the amount of traffic in the area.

“The elderly residents and young children of Pallara who are unable to travel to other suburbs, and are at high risk of isolation, will have access to food and drink outlets; health care services; sports and recreation facilities; shopping facilities; and veterinary services,” said one resident who approves of the plan.

To stay updated about the status of this proposed development, see DA-A005772656.