Residential Subdivision Proposed on Pine and Orchards Roads, Richlands

Residential Subdivision Proposed on Pine and Orchards Roads, Richlands

A proposal has been submitted for a residential subdivision, converting two large lots on Pine Road and Orchard Road in Richlands into 50 smaller ones.  

The proposed subdivision of the subject site involves two lots located at 70 Pine Road and 140 Orchard Road in Richlands.

Forty-five of the proposed allotments will be small lots intended for residential dwellings with sizes between 210 sqm and 326 sqm. The small lots are projected to accommodate up to three-storey dwellings or rooming accommodation and a potential amalgamation in the future to create alternative developments including dual occupancy and multiple dwellings.

The 5 large lots totalling 6,007 sqm, meanwhile, are intended for multiple dwellings, residential care facilities or retirement facility development of potentially up to five storeys high with areas ranging between 800sqm and 1,587sqm.

There are no plans to demolish the existing dwelling house and sheds on the proposed Lot 48 whilst the rest of the site will be cleared to facilitate the proposed development.

Proposed residential subdivision plan
Proposed residential subdivision plan | Photo credit:  Brisbane City Council /

The proposal relies on previously approved arrangements (DA A005057116) namely the road layout, extent of drainage reserve and engineering arrangements.

“The proposal relies predominantly on the previously approved road layout with the exception of Road 1 which will be altered and extended with the southern culdesac to the removed. Road 1 will continue to curve around to the south to connect to the unconstructed western portion of Yerongpan Street passing partly through the site,” the Consultant Planning assessment report states

“This will result in a slight increase in the extent of the previously approved drainage reserve due to the removal of the culdesac.Yerongpan Street will be extended along the western portion of the corridor to be dedicated as part of the development.”

Published 14-January-2023