Forest Lake Worker Becomes $150,000 Richer While On Her Lunch Break

A worker from Forest Lake is now $150,000 richer after she decided to swing by the Nextra Forest Lake News shop at the Forest Lake Village Shopping Centre for a quick $10 Jumbo Crossword scratch ticket during her lunch break.

She didn’t expect to win the top prize as she worked on scratching the ticket at the office lunchroom whilst her co-workers watched. 

The winner said that she thought she won $15,000, which was already a thrilling surprise.

But her co-workers told her she apparently missed out scratching one of the letters, which eventually turned out to be $150,000! 

The woman said that winning in mid-September was “a very big shock” that she could not stop shaking. 

She plans to use the money to pay off her car loan. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps

“Then I will use the rest of my prize to put a deposit down on a house. And I will hopefully be able to help out some family members as well,” the winner said. “It’s all very exciting!”

Nextra Forest Lake News staff Emma Jesberg said it’s great to know that another one customer is going to have such a life-changing experience. The store has sold winning tickets over the years, while the local woman is now one of the over 150 instant scratch top prize winner since July 2019.