Teremoana of Inala Punches Ticket to Paris Olympics

Inala resident Teremoana Jr Teremoana is ready to trade blows on the biggest stage in sports, having secured his place at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

The young boxer, who trains at The Boxing Shop in Salisbury, is set to make history not just for himself but for his community.

Photo Credit: Instagram/ teremoana_rep

Teremoana’s journey to the Olympics is a testament to dedication and unwavering passion.  The goal of being on the international stage since childhood has driven years of arduous work towards qualifying for the Games.

“Qualifying for the Olympics is a dream come true,” Teremoana said. “It shows that all the effort and sacrifices have paid off. I’m just a kid from Inala, and now I get to represent Australia at the Olympics.”

His road to Paris hasn’t been without its challenges.  But with the unwavering support of his family and friends, Teremoana has persevered.  To sharpen his skills, he’s incorporated international training experiences and sparring sessions with seasoned fighters from around the globe.

“Training camp has been intense,” Teremoana acknowledged. “Every day brings new obstacles, but I’m staying focused and making the most of each session.”

Preparation for Olympic competition demands a well-rounded approach, Teremoana emphasises.  Not only does he train his body to its peak physical condition, but he also prioritises mental strength and strategic planning.

“Mental preparation is key,” he says. “I visualise success and stay positive throughout the competition.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/ teremoana_rep

Teremoana’s commitment has already garnered him impressive accolades.  He holds titles like QLD Super-Heavyweight Champion, Australian Super-Heavyweight Champion, and Pacific Games Super-Heavyweight Champion.

“Winning these titles is a huge honour,” Teremoana said. “They represent all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices I’ve made over the years.”

As Teremoana sets his sights on Paris, he doesn’t forget the people who have been by his side.  He expresses his deepest gratitude to his family, friends, and sponsors for their unwavering support.

“Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me,” Teremoana said. “Your support makes this achievement all the more meaningful.”

With his sights set on gold, Teremoana is ready to represent not only Australia, but also his hometown of Inala on the grandest sporting stage in the world.  The boxing world eagerly awaits his performance in Paris.

Published 01-May-2024