Forest Lake Shopping Centre Expansion Plans Changed

Plans to expand Forest Lake Shopping Centre to accommodate more retailers and food establishments will no longer push through despite an approved development application. However, the reconfiguration of the parking spaces and upgrades on the outdoor sites at the north section of the property will proceed.  

Queensland Investment Corporation, the owner of the Forest Lake Shopping Centre, has ditched the original plan to extend the south section to include spaces for two more cafes and a discount store. Brisbane City Council approved the plans in late 2019. 

Instead, in May 2021, the company applied for a new development plan (DA A005742977) to incorporate the following changes: 

  • Removal of the mall extension and specialty store component;
  • Car parking layout within the southern part of the site maintained as per current site conditions;
  • Revised Aldi extension and amended landscape and servicing arrangement.

“The revised siting and design of the extension does not result in dramatic changes to the built form in terms of scale, bulk or appearance,” the developers noted. “The extension is small in scale, has a reduced floor area and is of bulk and appearance similar to the existing approval.”

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

“The revised Aldi tenancy extension comprises a building footprint and external appearance is consistent with outcomes regarding bulk, scale, articulation and variation in the Centre or Mixed Use Code. 

“The proposed extension remains as a single storey and adopts materials and building form to maintain consistency with the existing building. The proposed change includes a new roof deck which includes appropriate screening of services to ensure the rooftop does not appear cluttered.”

According to the manager, Rebecca McKeown, the decision to slim down its redevelopment plans was based on the changing needs of consumers. The enhancements will also complement its new tenancies, Kmart and Magnifique Hair Salon.

Council approved the new plans in July.