Forest Lake’s Rhythm and Dance Attitude: Nurturing the Next Generation of Global Dance Stars

Rhythm and Dance Attitude, a local dance studio in Forest Lake, is fostering exceptional young talent who are gracing stages from Disneyland to world championships.

Among these rising stars are 9-year-old twins, Auriana and Austin Vint. This dynamic duo dominated the sub-juvenile open category at last year’s Australian Championships, captivating audiences with their new vogue routines.

For Auriana, dance is a “happy place,” while Austin finds solace and calm in the movement and connection with his partner.

Adding to the studio’s accolades is Kaliah Webb, 36, a three-time Queensland Pro-Am New Vogue Champion. 

Despite being categorized as an amateur at Rhythm and Dance Attitude, Webb consistently triumphs over professional competitors, attributing her success to the discipline and expressive freedom that dance provides.

Rhythm and Dance Attitude in Forest Lake
Photo Credit: Rhythm and Dance Attitude

These remarkable achievements are a testament to the exceptional training and nurturing environment fostered at Rhythm and Dance Attitude. The studio’s dedication to cultivating passion, technique, and artistic expression propels its dancers onto the global stage, solidifying Forest Lake’s reputation as a breeding ground for future dance superstars.

Published Date 07-June-2024