Locals Say They Didn’t Know About Proposed Parkinson Subdivision Until It Was Too Late

Many residents in Parkinson have expressed their dismay over Brisbane’s public notification rules in relation to proposed developments after allegedly learning about a planned subdivision in the area just after the closing date.

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Based on planning documents submitted to Council, the proposal involves reconfiguring an 8-ha land at 2875 Beaudesert Rd, Parkinson, into 80 lots. The subject site is currently unimproved and is vacant but many locals have used it for dirt bikes and as a motorbike track in the past.

Also part of the proposal is a ‘functional internal road network, integrating with surrounding road connections to existing and approved residential development.’

2875 Beaudesert Rd
Subject site (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

Neighbours claimed the ad was published on page 57 of a newspaper for only a day and the sign for the new development was set up in an area along Beaudesert Road where pedestrians rarely walk past.

The biggest concern of the residents is the traffic impact it would add to the area, particularly for those residing in Lakewood Estate where the road is reportedly only one street in, one street out.

Developer HB Land, the new owners of the estate, claimed they only acquired the site long after the DA (A005273635) was approved and after the period for appeals to the Planning and Environment Court ended in April 2022.

Beaudesert Rd subdivision
Extract from approved plans (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council)

In response to the complaints of the residents, Civic Cabinet Chair for Planning, Adam Allan said the public consultation met the requirements of the Queensland Government’s Planning Act, including its signage, newspaper ad, and notifying the owner of the neighbouring lots.

Cr Allan added that the State Government’s Planning Act does not require a letterbox drop to the wider community be completed.

Regarding traffic concerns, Councillor for Calamvale Ward said Council has already delivered an additional turning lane on Algester Rd to reduce traffic backlog towards Toorak St, which will also cater for the future growth in the area.