Forest Lake Among Areas to Benefit from Proposed Brisbane School Safety Initiative

Forest Lake has been highlighted as a key area for improvement, as part of a new initiative proposing to expand 40km/h zones in Brisbane to enhance road safety for schoolchildren.

Targeting seven areas across the city, the initiative will benefit approximately 21 schools in its initial rollout. Among them are  St John’s Anglican College, Forest Lake State High School, and Arethusa College in the south. 

This plan, set to encourage more parents to walk, bike, or scoot with their children to school, involves an increase in funding to around $10 million for the next Council budget, according to Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner. 

Forest Lake Brisbane School Safety Initiative
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Key components of the proposal include the installation of new pedestrian crossings, widening of footpaths, expansion of 40km/h zones, additional kerbside drop-off and pick-up zones, and creation of school zone gateways that mark safe walking routes for students. 

The first phase will focus on four areas, impacting 12 schools and around 10,000 students. Success in these areas will lead to expansion into three more areas, including nine additional schools.

The initiative underscores the importance of detailed planning and community consultation, ensuring that any modifications align with the guidelines set by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

This safety proposal aims to make school commutes safer and more appealing for walking, biking, and scooting and reduce road congestion in suburban areas, thereby enhancing overall community well-being. 

As Brisbane approaches its Council elections, this initiative represents a significant point of discussion among candidates, reflecting broader commitments to improving city infrastructure and safety.

Published 26-February-2024