Pallara Home’s Drain Pipe Blockage Reveals Interesting Find

A homeowner in Pallara had to call for help for what seemed to be a drain pipe blockage causing a water overflow from his roof. Thinking he would find a pile of rotting leaves, he checked and guess what he found?

Inside the drainpipe was a non-venomous Coastal Carpet Python. Bryce Lockett from Snake Catchers Brisbane and Gold Coast was asked to remove the reptile. The anxious homeowner was floored to learn that it was about 2.5 metres long. 

“He was extremely surprised a large 2.5 metre python could fit in such a small space,” Mr Lockett said in the footage of the snake’s removal that went viral on TikTok with over 1.4 million views.

Coastal Carpet Python is common in Queensland’s rainforests and dry woodlands. Their diet is mostly rodents and possums, but they can also prey on suburban pets like cats, dogs and birds. Though non-venomous, their bites may cause substantial lacerations or punctures.

“Just remember in Queensland a blocked down pipe isn’t always from leaves,” Mr Lockett wrote in the captions. 

The Coastal Carpet Python was safely relocated to nearby bushland. Mr Lockett, who has been catching snakes for 11 years, said he loves the job because “no two days are the same”.

@brycegrylls Just remember in Queensland a blocked down pipe isn’t always from leaves! #snakecatcher #fyp #python #australia ♬ Power – Interupt

Published 5 April 2023