Six New and Permanent Pallara Bus Stops Ready By December 2022

The commute for residents in the south will be easier by December 2022 when six new, disability-compliant, permanent Pallara bus stops will be constructed and installed in the suburb. 

Initially, two of these bus stops are going to be installed along Brookbent Rd and Ritchie Rd near the old site of the Pallara State School. A third bus stop will be installed at the new Pallara State School’s site.

These installations will compound on the 803 Pallara school bus service whilst bus 126 will be rerouted to take Main Rd and extend towards the south of Ritchie Rd. This will enable Pallara residents to get to Sunnybank Plaza and connect to their other destinations, including the CBD. 

The other three new Pallara bus stops will still undergo a route mapping to determine the best locations.

Cr Angela Owen said she has lobbied for these buses amidst funding delays from the State Government.  She has requested Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner “to fast track delivery of some permanent bus stops” after Translink agreed to the business case.

A Council spokesperson said that they previously submitted four business cases that were rejected by the State Government.

MP for Algester Leeanne Enoch also confirmed that buses will be built in Pallara in the next few months after many of the residents, especially school children, were forced to take an Uber to school. 

Pallara resident Sam Spaliviero started a petition for the bus services nearly a year ago, which has received nearly900 supporters. She stated that buses were included in the plans when the new Pallara estates were launched in 2016. Pallara has been growing with new residents and businesses since then. 

“Residents, business hubs, commuters and family/friends have no way of connecting in and out of our suburb unless you walk 7 plus kilometres through terrain of unpathed streets and main connecting road heavily under construction with road closures, trucks, work vehicles, workers and road which has been patch worked. This is not a safe journey for people of Pallara to endure,” Spaliviero said.