Forest Lake Pushes for the Trial of the Stormwater Drainpipe Net

To address the litter problems in Forest Lake, Councillor Charles Strunk is calling for the trial of the stormwater drainpipe net that will help prevent rubbish from flowing into the lake.

Net Success In Western Australia

The City of Kwinana in Perth was the first one to try the drainage nets at Henly Reserve. The net, which costs $20,000 each, was placed on the outlet of two drainage pipes located between residential and natural areas.

They installed two nets in March 2018 and by August, they managed to collect 370 kilograms of debris. The city shared its success on their Facebook page, which garnered positive feedback and has reached over 2 million people.

The net is designed to prevent solid waste and gross pollutants from getting into nature reserves.

Reaching Queensland

The success of the net quickly spread that even Bayside councillors called for a trial of the nets. However, Brisbane City Council said that not all councillors are on-board and mentioned the already set up pollutant traps across the city. There are also drainage nets in sites across the city specifically at the Walton Bridge in The Gap.

Currently, Cr Strunk continues to make the suburb litter-free through the Forest Lake Litter Clean-Up team of volunteers. Earlier this month, the team collected numerous bread clips around the area.

Should the trial of the net be approved by the council, Cr Strunk aims to place it on top of the Forest lake cascades.