Forest Lake Retains Its Status as One of the Most Dog-Populated Areas in Brisbane

If you’re a dog lover, Forest Lake might just be the perfect suburb for you. According to recent data, it’s the second most dog-populated suburb in the city, with a whopping 2,122 furry residents.

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Whilst Bracken Ridge takes the top spot with 2,320 registered dogs, Forest Lake isn’t far behind, edging out The Gap, which rounds out the top three with 2,085 pups.

But Forest Lake’s love for canine companions goes beyond sheer numbers. It’s also a haven for specific breeds, ranking as the top spot for Fox Terriers, Shih Tzus, Beagles, Pomeranians, Siberian Huskies, King Charles Spaniels, Bullmastiffs, and Dalmatians. 

Photo credit: Cottonbro Studio/Pexels

When it comes to the most popular breed in the suburb, the Maltese reigns supreme, with 178 of these adorable lap dogs calling Forest Lake home.

Here are the most dog-populated areas in Brisbane as of 2024, based on Council’s data:

RankSuburbNo. of Dogs
Bracken Ridge2320
2Forest Lake2122
3The Gap2085
8Manly West1511
9Camp Hill1467

The data is based on current Brisbane City Council animal registrations. It is a requirement under the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008 that all dogs over three months old are registered with Brisbane City Council if they live within the Brisbane local government area. 

Dogs over the age of three months must be registered or have their registration transferred within 14 days after you start to keep the dog.

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The suburb’s appeal to dog owners isn’t surprising, given its relatively affordable median property prices – currently sitting at $745,000 according to – and its reputation as a family-friendly area. 

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With its current median price range, Forest Lake attracts a higher population of young families, many of whom appreciate having a four-legged companion.

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The Council continues to encourage the community to register their dogs, as it is a requirement under state law. So, whether you’re a proud pup parent or simply a dog lover, Forest Lake is undoubtedly a suburb that caters to the canine crowd, offering a welcoming environment for our furry friends and their human companions alike.

Published 25-March-2024