Traffic Lights to Be Installed as Part of Safety Upgrades at Intersection in Doolandella

A long-awaited, significant safety upgrade is coming to the hazardous intersection of two bustling roads in Doolandella as traffic lights are soon to be installed at the Blunder Road and Wallaroo Way intersection.

Long-Awaited Safety Upgrade in Doolandella

Councillor Charles Strunk, who has been advocating for the safety upgrades at the intersection of Blunder Road and Wallaroo Way, Doolandella since 2015, made the announcement recently. The safety upgrades will involve the installation of new traffic lights. In his social media post last August, Cr Strunk said that the upgrade is a “safety win for commuters and bus drivers” who use the busy intersection on a daily basis.

Traffic Lights to Be Installed as Part of Safety Upgrades at Intersection in Doolandella
Photo Credit: Facebook /  Charles Strunk Councillor for Forest Lake Ward

Cr Strunk had been working with stakeholders including Doolandella Neighbourhood Watch, bus drivers and officials from the Queensland Rail and Bus Transport Union (RTBU), and Doolandella locals in campaigning for the installation of traffic lights at the said intersection.

Apart from its troubling history of accidents, recent enhancements to the main roads and local development have led to a significant increase in traffic volume along Blunder Road and Wallaroo Way.  

The scheduled construction is set to be carried out in the 2023/24 financial year. Cr Strunk said he will be closely monitoring the process to ensure that the Council fulfils its commitments to the local residents.

Traffic Light Implementation in Brisbane

Brisbane City Council oversees an extensive network of roads spanning more than 6,800 kilometres, including more than 50,000 intersections. To improve pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety, traffic lights are used at intersections where there is a substantial volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the day.

On major roads, traffic lights provide a safer environment for vulnerable users including pedestrians and cyclists and are considered as a more cost-effective measure.

BCC and the Queensland Government have a Memorandum of Understanding for the joint management of traffic signal coordination at 40 key intersections throughout the city. Within this set of 40 prioritised intersections, the Council assumes control and management responsibilities for 12 of them, whilst the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) oversees the remaining 28.

Published 5-September-2023

Doolandella Neighbours Team Up to Sell Acreage Properties to Developers

A pair of neighbours from Doolandella have decided to team up to sell their acreage properties to interested developers, amidst the housing boom in Forest Lake and its surrounding suburbs. 

Wally Wrona and Nora Cerneaz, the homeowners of 53 and 55 Crossacres Street, have agreed to list their land on the market together, offering more than 20,000 square metres of flood-free space primed for housing or other future developments.

After 30 years of living next to each other, Mr Wrona and Ms Cerneaz believe it’s time to pack up as the surroundings around them continue to change. 

Ms Cerneaz said she doesn’t want to stay and witness more tearing down. Mr Wrona, on the other hand, understands that their combined lands could be valuable to a community as it’s near all the conveniences of a burgeoning residential hub.

Photo Credit: LJ Hooker

In the last few years, 21 new houses were built on the hectare block next to Mr Wrona’s property. He said that both his land and Ms Cerneaz’s site will really help with the volume housing developers are looking for. 

According to, their lands are conveniently accessible to:  

  • Richlands railway station is 10 mins drive
  • TAFE Qld Inala campus and nearby shopping Plaza
  • Brisbane CBD accessible by motorway in under 40 minutes
  • Serviceton South State School (3 minutes)
  • Oxley Bunnings or the Home Superstore (9 minutes)
  • Forest Lake recreational parks and shopping centres
  • Logan motorway & Centenary Highway entry points
  • Springfield Orion shopping & commercial centres

Mr Wrona lived on Crossacres Street since the 1980s. The son of Polish World War II immigrants, his family is friends with the Palaszczuks. Ms Cerneaz’s family, on the other hand, acquired their Doolandella property in the 1990s after leaving Texas.