Violent Robbery in Forest Lake Leaves Dog Dead Over E-Scooter, Three Men Remanded in Custody

Three men have been accused of a violent confrontation in Forest Lake, resulting in the death of a family’s dog over an e-scooter and intensifying concerns over the community’s safety. The identities of the alleged attackers were revealed as they appeared before the respective magistrates’ courts in connection with the harrowing incident.

Alex Edward Deng, 20, Aron Nsengiyumva, 21, and John Wal Wal, 24, face charges of two counts of wounding, one count of serious animal cruelty, an attempt to enter premises, and threatening violence. Additionally, Deng and Nsengiyumva have been charged with possessing counterfeit money.

The terrifying incident unfolded on the afternoon of 2 July 2023 when two of the men arrived at a property in Forest Lake, responding to an advertisement for an e-scooter posted on social media. Their attempted purchase turned violent when they allegedly tried to pay with counterfeit cash, leading to a confrontation with the sellers.

As evening fell, the two men returned to the Forest Lake property with another accomplice, armed with machetes, knives, and what appeared to be a black handgun (later identified as a gel-blaster). 

Scaling the back fence, they demanded the e-scooter and resorted to smashing the rear glass doors of the residence, in a bid to coerce the occupants to come outside. Tragically, during their vile act, the attackers fatally stabbed the family’s dog.

The brave residents, faced with an escalating threat, armed themselves with shovels and engaged in a fierce struggle in the backyard of their Forest Lake home. Amidst the chaos, two residents, ages 30 and 33, suffered stab wounds, while a 20-year-old man sustained minor injuries.

In their courageous defense, the residents managed to inflict injuries on the attackers, forcing them to flee the scene.

Nsengiyumva and Deng appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court, their faces bearing visible signs of the violent encounter. Both men opted not to apply for bail and were subsequently remanded in custody. Nsengiyumva’s case was adjourned until July 24, along with Deng’s.

Wal Wal, the third accused, appeared in Richlands Magistrates Court, where his matter was adjourned until October. He remains in custody.

Published 6-July-2023