Jetty Walk Village in Forest Lake Calls For Rezoning

Since last year, Forest Lake residents have been very active in opposing several residential developments in the area. Amidst the protests against the Brisbane City Council and the developers, Cr Charles Strunk has initiated a call for Council to come up with an area rezoning.

Development Woes

One of the most recent developments that elicited protests from the local community is the eight-storey development at 5 The Esplanade. Residents point out that the project does not meet the area’s zoning requirements. Submissions enumerate that the style, visual design, and the bulk of the building clashes with the landscape of the suburb. It also obstructs the lake view of the residents living in the south.

Residents also think that the development will cause traffic congestion and an increase in on-street parking.

Precinct Rezoning

Jetty Walk Village residents have been enjoined to launch a petition asking for the council to rezone the area to low density.

Specifically, the Council is being asked to make changes to the Forest Lake Neighbourhood Plan.

Currently, the area is zoned as medium density, which allows buildings of up to five storeys. Residents have been quick to point out the proposed development at 5 The Esplanade is an 8-storey retirement apartment, so it exceeds even the current zoning.

The precinct is filled with homes that are not higher than two storeys, which is why higher developments in the area are often met with protests from the residents.