St John’s Anglican College Joins Active School Travel Program

For the first time ever, St John’s Anglican College in Forest Lake joined Brisbane’s Active School Travel Program, which asks families to encourage their children to walk, or use a bike, scooter or skateboard to go to school.

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The school joined more than 170 others and over 143,000 students who have participated in some way since the program kicked off in 2004. To celebrate its 20th anniversary this school year, organisers hope to have 30 schools and thousands more students taking part.

Martin Brownlow, Head of Junior School at St John’s, said he hopes the program will promote an active and healthy lifestyle for the school community.

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“We wanted to join the program to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for our school community,” Mr Brownlow said.

“We are extremely cognisant of the fact healthy bodies promote healthy minds and the Active Schools Travel Program was the ideal opportunity to further strengthen this for the students at the College.

“We were very aware that not many schools in the area were involved, so we saw this as an opportunity to collaborate, lead and support other schools to see the benefits and also join the program.

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Besides St John’s Anglican College, another Forest Lake school, Grand Avenue State School will commence the program once more for the three-year curriculum.

The program teaches students about the health and environmental benefits of active travel through a three-year curriculum. On average, schools see a 16 percent improvement in the number of students using active transit after completing the program.

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LM Adrian Schrinner said that their goal at Council was to create programs that inspire residents to improve their travel habits, which helps reduce congestion, create safer streets, and cultivate closer communities.

“Whether it is walking, cycling, scooting or anything else in between, we want to see Brisbane families ditching their cars and heading to school in a more active way,” said Cr Schrinner. 

For more information about Active School Travel, go to Council’s website or phone the contact Centre during business hours on 07 3403 8888.

Published 19-February-2024 

Wakakirri: Grand Avenue State School in Forest Lake Wins Best Diversity Story

Grand Avenue State School impressed the judges at the annual Wakakirri, Australia’s largest performing arts festival for schools. The students won Best Diversity Story with their original, inspirational and well-executed dance routine. 

The Wakakirri Head Panel said Grand Avenue State School‘s story-dance had “great performance energy balanced with moments of focus and stillness, to create effective dramatisation.” The routine was commended for its “excellent opening scenes to establish character, context,” and the dancers had “lovely expressive skills.”

The primary school’s presentation also had a fantastic story and a great soundtrack to deliver a strong emotional message: “Whether your disability is invisible like autism, or visible like a wheelchair, everyone needs to be valued for their differences, not seen as less.”

Established 28 years ago, the Wakakirri Challenge traditionally takes place in professional theatres across the country. However, the 2020 festival was restructured into an online-only format due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

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“In a year like this one, it’s incredible that students and teachers have created such solid stories and performances. Despite all of the unexpected obstacles this year, these Story-Dances are every bit as moving and inspiring as the ones performed in theatres at previous Wakakirri Festivals,” Kat Hoyos of the panel said. 

Wakakirri helps the students develop their skills, wellbeing and confidence by participating in performing arts. Every year, schools across the country spend months on their routines to covet that prestigious  National Story of the Year Award. 

For more about this year’s winners, visit the Wakakirri official site.

Meanwhile, the Wakakirri has opened for 2021’s competition. Details are in the video below:

Grand Avenue State School Promises a Bigger Ekka Fun Day This Year in Forest Lake

On 16 August from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Forest Lake residents and nearby suburbs are in for loads of fun and excitement as Grand Avenue State School celebrates Ekka Fun Day. This year’s fun day is meant to be bigger and better than the previous one.

There are going to be amazing rides such as the Super Whizzer, Let’s Dance, Dodgem Cars, Round Up, and many more. You can now purchase your ultimate ride passes through Flexischools.

Photo credit: Grand Avenue S.S Ekka Fun Day / Facebook

Make sure that you fuel yourself to enjoy the whole day by grabbing a bite from the rows of food stalls lined up on that day. Grab a steaming cup of joe at The Rich Pour, Coffee. Pair it up with some delicious and fluffy pancakes from Joeys Mini Pancakes. Stroll around with a bucket of popcorn from The Popcorn Man. And make sure that you refresh with some Cool info Snowcones.

Photo credit: Grand Avenue S.S Ekka Fun Day / Facebook

If you’re in for some shopping and great finds, choose from a wide selection of scarves from I Love Scarves and there are also some jewelry from Louises Cards & Jewelry. There is a selection of great toys from Melrox Toys as well for your little ones.

Photo credit: Grand Avenue S.S Ekka Fun Day / Facebook

There are also family amusement games that you can enjoy with the family. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why don’t you get a henna tattoo?

Photo credit: Grand Avenue S.S Ekka Fun Day / Facebook

Your kids will also enjoy the Animal Farm where they can engage with friendly four-legged creatures and even ride the cutest ponies!

Entry to the event is free.