5 Things to Do in Forest Lake on Easter Weekend

Many people have fallen in love with the lakeside views and lush greenery of Forest Lake. Residents have always considered this scenic suburb to be one of Brisbane’s best suburbs, with its picturesque, Instagram-worthy places and laid-back suburban vibe. Here are five things you can do in Forest Lake this Easter weekend.


1. Go dragon boating.

Forest Lake dragon boat festival
Photo Credit: Hampstead Heath/Facebook

Join one of the open sessions held by the Lakes District Dragon Boat Association (a.k.a. The Lakers). They regularly conduct trial sessions where anyone can come and try the activity for free. Check out their website to learn more about when and where to join their sessions.

Modern dragon boat racing started in Hong Kong in 1976. The Lakers, established in 2006, is a member of Dragon Boat Queensland. They are always on the lookout for new members for the team. Who know, if you like it, you might even be tempted to apply for the team.


2. Take a walk or run around The Lake.

The Lake Forest Lake
Photo Credit: Vivien Kells/Facebook

On a bright sunny day, there is one place where you absolutely must go: The Lake. Some residents often take The Lake for granted as they are used to constantly seeing the area. It’s time to look at the lake through the tourist’s eyes. This is a perfect place to take photographs, go for a walk, run around, sit under a tree with a good book or just enjoy the view while having a picnic. You can even go canoeing. Interesting people, lush greenery, and some wildlife. What’s not to like?


3. Skate to your heart’s content at Inala Skate Park.

Inala Skate Park
Photo Credit: skateboard.com.au

The name of the place speaks for itself. For a fitness activity that’s also a lot of fun to do, try skating at Inala Skate Park. It is a good place to be active and to connect with other people skating in the park. The place is open daily to the public and admission is free.


4. Book a visit to the Inala Library.

Inala Library
Photo Credit: State Library of Queensland

The Inala Library is a hub for many worthwhile indoor activities that will help you learn more, relieve stress, and be inspired. Activities are usually free to attend but bookings are essential. Some of the upcoming events to be held in Inala Library include Explore Collage Art (on 6 April), Youth Unite @ Youth Week (7 April), Meet Joy Rhoades (12 April), BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby Book Club (2 May), and Meet David H Earley (3 May).


5. Take a sumptuous food trip around the suburb.

Forest Lake Hotel
Photo Credit: Forest Lake Hotel/Facebook

They say the best way to fully enjoy a good place and feel like you belong there is to experience their local food culture. Forest Lake has a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy eating international cuisine. A few noteworthy establishments would be Forest Lake Hotel, Burger Institute Forest Lake, Punjab Curry Club, Red Chili Thai, Tandoori Mahal, and The Red Door Chinese.



This Easter weekend, an exciting bonus activity awaits. For this month’s community highlight, watch a vibrant cultural show. The Tamil Indian New Year is drawing near! On the 15th of April (Saturday), a special show to celebrate the yearly occasion will be held at 5:00 p.m. in St. John’s Anglican College. The Varnam Cultural Society of Queensland sponsors the said event with a slogan that says, “Bringing Colour in to Your Lives.” There will be noteworthy performances featuring Mimicry, Tamil Indian Classical, Folk, Concept and Bollywood dances. Members of the audience will also be given the chance to join the dancers onstage.


Click here to book your ticket for the Tamil Indian New Year Celebration!


Whether you are a local looking for things to do, or have friends from out of town who would like to check out Forest Lake this Easter weekend, you can never go wrong with Forest Lake’s unique and eclectic mix of nature, adventure, and culture. Enjoy!


Click here for public transport options to Forest Lake attractions.


Photo Credit: Brad Ellis at ANGFA Qld/Facebook