Blue Fin Fishing Club in Inala Casts a Line for the Future with Major Renovations

The Blue Fin Fishing Club in Inala is preparing for a major transformation. The much-loved community hub is set to undergo extensive renovations that will breathe new life into the venue and enhance the experience for its diverse clientele.

Photo Credit: Blue Fin Fishing Club

Blue Fin Fishing Club general manager Peter Purins expressed excitement about the project, stating that the renovations will cater to the evolving needs of the Inala community. The goal is to create a more welcoming and inclusive space for everyone, reflecting the vibrant mix of families, young professionals, and long-time residents that make Inala unique.

Photo Credit: BlueFinFishingClub

A key focus of the renovations will be the addition of a dedicated family lounge with an attached children’s play area.

This will provide a safe and enjoyable space for families to relax and spend time together, acknowledging the importance of family-friendly environments in a suburb where the average age is around 32.

Photo Credit: BlueFinFishingClub

The club’s bar, bistro, and lounge areas will also see significant upgrades. The sports bar will be modernised with cutting-edge audiovisual technology, ensuring patrons can catch every sporting moment while enjoying their favourite drinks.

The bistro will receive enhancements to improve efficiency and create a fresh, modern ambience. A highlight will be the addition of a rotisserie-style roaster, allowing diners to watch their meals being prepared on a captivating display.

Photo Credit: BlueFinFishingClub

Stage 1 of the renovation work commenced on 29th April and is expected to continue until mid-August. During this time, the club is committed to maintaining its services by relocating operations to different areas within its expansive facilities.

Purins emphasised the club’s passion for the project and its potential positive impact. The renovations are expected to elevate every aspect of the Blue Fin experience, from the moment guests enter the club to the final moments of their visit.

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Published Date 13-May-2024

Teremoana of Inala Punches Ticket to Paris Olympics

Inala resident Teremoana Jr Teremoana is ready to trade blows on the biggest stage in sports, having secured his place at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

The young boxer, who trains at The Boxing Shop in Salisbury, is set to make history not just for himself but for his community.

Photo Credit: Instagram/ teremoana_rep

Teremoana’s journey to the Olympics is a testament to dedication and unwavering passion.  The goal of being on the international stage since childhood has driven years of arduous work towards qualifying for the Games.

“Qualifying for the Olympics is a dream come true,” Teremoana said. “It shows that all the effort and sacrifices have paid off. I’m just a kid from Inala, and now I get to represent Australia at the Olympics.”

His road to Paris hasn’t been without its challenges.  But with the unwavering support of his family and friends, Teremoana has persevered.  To sharpen his skills, he’s incorporated international training experiences and sparring sessions with seasoned fighters from around the globe.

“Training camp has been intense,” Teremoana acknowledged. “Every day brings new obstacles, but I’m staying focused and making the most of each session.”

Preparation for Olympic competition demands a well-rounded approach, Teremoana emphasises.  Not only does he train his body to its peak physical condition, but he also prioritises mental strength and strategic planning.

“Mental preparation is key,” he says. “I visualise success and stay positive throughout the competition.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/ teremoana_rep

Teremoana’s commitment has already garnered him impressive accolades.  He holds titles like QLD Super-Heavyweight Champion, Australian Super-Heavyweight Champion, and Pacific Games Super-Heavyweight Champion.

“Winning these titles is a huge honour,” Teremoana said. “They represent all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices I’ve made over the years.”

As Teremoana sets his sights on Paris, he doesn’t forget the people who have been by his side.  He expresses his deepest gratitude to his family, friends, and sponsors for their unwavering support.

“Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me,” Teremoana said. “Your support makes this achievement all the more meaningful.”

With his sights set on gold, Teremoana is ready to represent not only Australia, but also his hometown of Inala on the grandest sporting stage in the world.  The boxing world eagerly awaits his performance in Paris.

Published 01-May-2024

What’s Going On at The HUB Neighbourhood Centre Inala This February

After a quiet holiday period, The HUB Neighbourhood Centre in Inala is buzzing with activity again this February. 

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The local community centre closed over the Christmas break, but reopened its doors in mid-January, with most of its regular activities returning. Now, as we move into February, here are the free classes and events for locals to get involved in.

Community Yoga

Photo credit: HUB Neighbourhood Centre Inala/Facebook 

For those looking to stretch their bodies and minds, Community Yoga with Yoga Partnership starts back up this month. Bring along your own mat, towel and water bottle and get your zen on Friday mornings. The yoga sessions are suitable for all levels and provide a peaceful way to finish off the working week.

Community Garden Group 

Photo credit: HUB Neighbourhood Centre Inala/Facebook 

Green thumbs and gardeners can get amongst the greenery by joining the Community Garden Group on Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m. Help out with watering duties, weeding, planting and generally tending to the community veggie patches and flower beds. It’s a great way to get outdoors and meet other locals who share your interests.

English Conversation Classes

Photo credit:

In addition, the centre resumes its popular English conversation classes which are free and for everyone. Separate classes for men and women provide a supportive environment to practise speaking English, make new friends and learn more about the language.

With all these activities back up and running, why not make a trip down to The Hub this February and get involved? It’s the perfect place to try something new, connect with your community and keep active both mentally and physically.

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Visit their website to learn more about their upcoming classes and events.

About the HUB

The HUB Neighbourhood Centre originated in 1986 when concerned Inala residents sought to address the isolation of elderly community members. What began as informal social gatherings in a private home eventually led to the establishment of a registered association that convened at the local community health facility. In 1989, a Queensland government grant allowed HUB Centre to officially open its own permanent premises. Paid staff came on board in 1994 to assist volunteers in delivering essential services and programs to the community.

Published 9-February-2024 

Students at Inala School Face Food Crisis Amid Rising Cost of Living

What seems to be a growing number of students at Richlands East State School in Inala and in 173 other schools in Queensland are going to school with either empty lunch boxes or meager, days-old provisions.

This troubling phenomenon is part of a looming crisis that has emerged as a stark consequence of the ever-escalating cost of living. At Richlands East State School, teachers have taken matters into their own hands. Faced with students in need, they have been sharing their own lunches and preparing extra food at home to ensure their students have access to nourishing meals.

At Kairos Community College, located north of Brisbane, nearly all 65 students at their Deception Bay campus are relying on Eat Up for sustenance. It’s a stark reflection of the challenges many families face in these trying times.

Providing a lifeline to these students is the not-for-profit organization, Eat Up, which has been striving to keep pace with the increasing demand for its services. 

Lyndon Galea, the founder of Eat Up, reveals a disconcerting trend. There has been a staggering 22% increase in the need for lunch support in schools already enrolled in their programs over the past year. 

Furthermore, a daunting waiting list of 69 Queensland schools is seeking urgent funding. The demand for assistance is distributed across metropolitan and regional schools alike.

Questions have arisen about the government’s role in alleviating this crisis. Education Minister Grace Grace remains non-committal about supporting Eat Up directly. Instead, she emphasizes a $2.7 million budget allocation to expand the school breakfast program and other support services.

Critics argue that existing programs are limited in scope. Greens MP Amy MacMahon calls for a more comprehensive approach, asserting that no child should go hungry in a state with a substantial budget surplus.

Despite the challenges, Eat Up perseveres, hosting large volunteering events to prepare thousands of sandwiches. Their tireless efforts, supported by generous corporate donations and philanthropic backers, provide a glimmer of hope for students facing hunger in Inala schools.

Published 20-Sept-2023

School Holiday Adventures in Forest Lake and Inala

Need ideas for school holiday activities in Forest Lake and Inala? Check out this list!

Kids Passport Adventure at The Lake Parklands

Date: Saturday, July 1, 2023
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Location: The Lake Parklands, 5 Alexandrina Circuit, Forest Lake

For just $6, families can embark on a thrilling adventure walk during the Kids Passport Adventure event. As a team, families will receive a Passport featuring a list of key features to discover, including breathtaking scenery and fascinating animals. The objective is to locate all the special locations and get them stamped on the passport. Siblings under 3 years of age can join in for free whilst seniors and children may also join in the Gold’n’Kids event.

Bookings are essential and can be made through the organiser, Bazil Grumble. For more information, please call 0411 246 487. 

The meeting point is the deck over the lake on Forest Lake Boulevard.

Adventure Walk and Clay Play at D. J. Sherrington Park

Date: Saturday, July 1, 2023
Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Location: D. J. Sherrington Park, 601 Blunder Road, Inala

For young people aged 7-17 years, an adventure awaits at D. J. Sherrington Park. The Adventure Walk and Clay Play event offers an exciting guided walk followed by a hands-on clay play experience. 

Participants will have the opportunity to collect natural materials like leaves and twigs during the walk to incorporate textures into their clay creations. Under expert guidance, they will learn to craft various vessels such as bowls or vases and decorate them using the collected items.

This chillout event promotes physical activity, wellness, and creativity. The cost to participate is $6, and bookings are essential through Bazil Grumble. To find out more information, interested individuals can contact 0411 246 487. 

NAIDOC Week Storytime at Inala Library

Date: Saturday, July 8, 2023
Time: 10:30 am to 11:00 am
Location: Inala Library, Inala Civic Centre, Corsair Avenue, Inala

In celebration of NAIDOC Week, children aged 2-5 years are invited to join a special storytime event at Inala Library. Titled “Here is the Land and Here is the Sky,” this engaging session aims to foster an appreciation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and stories. The event is free of charge, and no bookings are required.

Families can immerse their little ones in the rich heritage of Indigenous Australians through captivating storytelling. The Inala Library, located at the Inala Civic Centre on Corsair Avenue, will serve as the venue for this culturally enriching experience.

Published 25-June-2023

Record-Breaking Car Thefts Unveil Disturbing Trends, Inala Amongst Hardest Hit Areas​​

Did you know that car thefts are at a 10-year all-time high in QLD and Inala is among the hardest hit suburbs?

According to statistics obtained from the Queensland Police Service (QPS), the number of car thefts in the state has skyrocketed in the past year, reaching unprecedented levels. The figures reveal an alarming increase of 38 per cent compared to the previous year, leaving authorities and communities puzzled.

Among the areas significantly impacted by the car theft epidemic, Inala emerges as one of the top hotspots, with 394 unlawful use of motor vehicle offences between May 2022 and April 2023. 

Local law enforcement officials are working tirelessly to address the issue, implementing additional measures to curb the rising trend. Authorities have increased patrols, implemented community awareness campaigns, and encouraged residents to adopt security measures to safeguard their vehicles.  

The QPS has also made strides in mapping car thefts to identify patterns and target areas of concern. The data collected from these efforts will aid in developing effective strategies to tackle the issue head-on.

Residents who have experienced the brunt of these incidents are now demanding more robust action from law enforcement agencies to combat this growing problem. Local businesses have also felt the impact of the car thefts, with owners and employees fearing for their safety as criminals become increasingly brazen. The rise in vehicle-related crimes not only threatens the community’s security but also has a significant economic impact on the area.

As investigations into the car thefts continue, authorities are urging residents to remain vigilant and take precautionary measures to protect their vehicles. Basic steps such as locking car doors, parking in well-lit areas, and using security devices can go a long way in deterring potential thieves.

The QPS is working closely with local communities, conducting forums and workshops to educate residents on crime prevention strategies. 

Published 14-June-2023

Redefining Perception: Inala Makes It to Top 5 Affordable Property Locations With Prospects

Inala, once a crime hotspot, defies expectations by becoming one of Australia’s top five property destinations due to its impressive transformation and appealing affordability, according to the latest research.

Despite its postcode’s history of over 3,600 criminal offences in the past year, Inala has emerged as an attractive option for property buyers and investors looking for affordable homes in Australia. Inala may have recorded an average of 10 offences daily, but it has transformed into one of the hottest property destinations.

Alongside Inala, the Hotspotting report also highlights Canning and Armadale in Perth, as well as Playford and Salisbury in Adelaide, as areas with immense strategic property buying and investing potential.

The surge in property values, largely influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, has sparked interest among homeowners and investors alike. What was once overlooked due to crime rates is now attracting attention as affordable housing becomes increasingly sought after.

Terry Ryder, Director of Hotspotting, explains that buyers today are actively seeking affordable locations with high rental yields and the potential for capital growth. Contrary to the common belief that one must choose between these factors, Ryder contends that both can be achieved by making intelligent location choices. By targeting areas where property prices remain reasonable and rental yields are above average, investors can offset higher interest rates.

Inala, despite facing criticism from residents due to crime concerns, has witnessed impressive capital gains. The suburb has caught the attention of buyers as its median house price surged by a noteworthy 10.5 per cent to reach $552,500 in the past year, showcasing its increasing desirability.

According to Ryder, Inala properties offer not only affordability but also appealing three-bedroom cottages on spacious plots, presenting opportunities for a renovation that particularly attracts young families. He further notes that the rise in birth rates has contributed to the steady increase in property prices, with a temporary decline in 2018 prompting renters to transition into homeownership, particularly among first-time buyers.

In terms of rental demand, the vacancy rate in the 4077 postcodes, encompassing Durack, Inala, and Richlands, has remained consistently low for the past two decades, never exceeding 2.8 per cent and dipping below two per cent since mid-2020. Currently, the vacancy rate stands at a mere 0.4 per cent, exerting significant upward pressure on residential rents within the Inala precinct.

Hotspotting’s report adopts a comprehensive approach by considering various essential factors in determining the best property investment locations. These factors encompass rising sales activity, the potential for capital growth, the availability of affordable housing, robust infrastructure, and proximity to major employment hubs. 

By thoroughly analysing these criteria, the report strives to provide an inclusive evaluation of the top five locations across Australia’s capital cities, assisting buyers in making informed decisions.

Published 2-June-2023

The Hub Community Projects Receives Grant To Maintain Its Community Garden in Inala

The Hub Community Projects, a community organisation based in Inala, has been chosen as the recipient of Brisbane’s Cultivating Community Gardens Grant.

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Through the grant, Hub Community Projects Inala received a total of $2,485.55 grant in November 2022, which will be used to develop and maintain their community garden.

Councillor for Forest Lake Ward Charles Strunk said this is great news for the many local families who source food from the gardens and volunteers who dedicate their time to reduce carbon footprint.

Hub Community Projects
Photo credit: Charles Strunk Councillor for Forest Lake Ward/Facebook

Run by the group’s amazing and dedicated volunteers, the community garden is home to a range of vegetables, herbs, succulents, and even hard to find plants like choko, luffa gourd and Egyptian spinach. 

Hub Community Projects’ community garden can be found at the group’s Neighbourhood Centre, at 79 Poinsettia Street, Inala.

About the Cultivating Community Gardens Grants

Hub Community Projects
Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

Brisbane City Council’s Cultivating Community Gardens Grants provide funding to local non-profit community-based groups and organisations to establish, develop and/or maintain community gardens on Council-owned and other land.

Community organisations eligible for the grant receive $1000 to $2,500 in funding.

Organisations can use the funding for different types of projects, such as buying tools or material for their gardens, services relating to the maintenance of the garden, or publicity and programs that increase wider community involvement and education about the gardens and their activities.

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Applications for the grant are open to all incorporated not-for-profit organisations in Brisbane, given that they have no outstanding debts or overdue, unacquitted grants with Council.

To learn more about the grants, including the application process, visit Council’s website.

Dario Zanesco To Hold Solo Art Exhibition in Inala

Brisbane artist Dario Zanesco will showcase his works from the past six years, in his first solo exhibition at the Inala Art Gallery this October 2021. 

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Zanesco, whose focus is on wildlife art and nature, will display an array of paintings and drawings including African and South American wildlife. Dario has painted and drawn native wildlife from his recent trip to the Northern Territory. Brolgas, Crocodiles, Kookaburras, Black-necked Storks and Glossy Ibis’ will fill the walls with striking colours. 

Photo supplied

Born in Brisbane but of Italian descent, Zanesco has been painting for more than 15 years. His first exhibition was held in Ipswich in 2016, attracting the interest of numerous key figures in the local community. Sales followed with exhibitions in Victoria through the Wildlife Art Society of Australia, and in Goondiwindi’s Aspects Art Show.

Photo supplied
Photo supplied

Councillor for Forest Lake ward Charles Strunk will open the exhibition. The opening day for this year’s exhibition will be a morning tea at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, 10 October 2021, at the Inala Community Gallery, located at the Inala Civic Centre. 

“The scale and realism of the artworks are so great that it will feel as though you are being transported to Australia’s remote wilderness,” Cr Strunk said.

“It is clear from this exhibition, that this young artist has devoted much of his life studying the great wild places, and from that, he has created captivating artworks,” he said.

“Not only are there artworks well-suited to a home, but also theatrical canvasses featuring unique textures, shapes, colours and emotions,” he added.

Dario’s artwork is available to view on Bluethumb online art gallery:

Funds Ready for Richlands and Inala Parks

Brisbane City Council is moving forward with plans to develop or upgrade two parklands, located in Richlands and Inala, after the determination of the funds set for park recreation projects.

The Council’s committee for the environment, parks and sustainability revealed that nine suburban parks will be the priority, following a series of public consultations with residents in 2020.

In Richlands, a land area filled with just grass and trees will be turned into the Castamore Way Park. Located by the slope on Progress Road, Council has plans to level off the area to create a junior playground with plenty of green space for family picnics and trees for shade. 

A sandstone block will also be built as a retaining wall against the tree line sitting on the top of the site. There are also plans to create a tree grove, which will serve as the entryway to the new park. 

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

In Inala, a series of refurbishing and refreshing will be undertaken on Thrush Street Park since its facilities are quite old. 

Last year, Council conducted a study on the feasibility of these suggestions below from the residents: 

  • improve or install facilities such as picnic and barbecue areas, shelters and tables
  • create an area for informal sports games
  • improve pathways and connectivity in the park
  • upgrade the playground with new equipment
  • improve lighting
  • provide shade trees
  • improve park accessibility

Wade Fitzgerald, the Council’s manager for Major Projects and Asset Coordination, said that whilst there are many considerations for this existing park, the redevelopment’s focus will be on the larger playground. 

This site could soon get its very own interactive water play area for children to enjoy. The addition of a rock and pebble stream will provide young residents a nature-based playground.

Mr Fitzgerald said that Council is setting aside $2.2 million for the playgrounds, $2.7 million for the facilities upgrades, $5.8 park development and $3 million for maintenance. 

Apart from Richlands and Inala, these other Brisbane parks will also undergo development and upgrades:

  • Blackwood Street Park, Rochedale
  • Colmslie Beach Reserve, Murrarie
  • Gus Davies Park, Bald Hills
  • Grinstead Park, Shand Street Park, Corbett Street Park linking Enoggera, Alderly and Stafford
  • Keralgerie Park, Morningside