Flavour Over Form! BurgerMe Aims for the Classics at New Calamvale Shop

Picture-perfect Instagrammable food from trendy restaurants sometimes don’t live up to the hype, so this newly-opened food joint on Kameruka Street in Calamvale has decided to prioritise flavour over form. BurgerMe has gone back to the delivious basics and promises to offer only classic burgers with the usual side of fries, wings and shakes.

Managed by the family that runs Sam’s Gourmet Pizza and led by Bilal Ghumra, BurgerMe brings just the basics to the table because it’s what they do best.  

The Ghumras, who have been in Calamvale for 15 years, have had their eye on establishing a burger joint around the suburbs for years. However, it took them until mid-June 2021 to finally open a shop after finding the perfect location just a few minutes from their home.

Photo Credit: BurgerMe/Facebook

Every food at BurgerMe is prepared fresh in-house, including their custom-blended beef patties. To slightly widen the burger joint’s appeal, BurgerMe has special Halal burger bacon, which their patrons have said tastes so close to the real thing. 

Meanwhile, the Ghumras continue to run the rest of their Sam’s Gourmet Pizza restaurants together as a family enterprise since gaining its ownership in 2014. The boys learned how to run a restaurant from their patriarch Imtiyaz, who had a steak restaurant in Leicester in England. Imtiyaz, now retired, still helps out at the family’s Brisbane stores. 

Check out BurgerMe’s menu, store hours and other updates on their Facebook page.

“Was going to take photos for a review but ate it before I had the chance because it smelt so good (also tasted incredible the smell didn’t lie). Great size portion for the price and the price is also good for the quality of food. We both ordered the MaconBurger and loved the caramelised onions, the fact the bacon was in small pieces not a large piece, and the patty was so juicy and not at all dry. I had mine with a gluten free bun that was one of the best buns I have eaten. My partner had a normal burger and loved how the bun was soft not crunchy. We tried both the curly fries and the normal fries and loved both, personally just wished they had more salt on the curly fries.  My partner had the meal deal and ordered a shake instead of soda, it was a nice shake but we felt it was slightly expensive at $7 to upgrade from a soda. The other thing to note was staff were super friendly and helpful. Overall was amazing food and will definitely be going back.”

Sarah Brook, Facebook

“Macon MY DAYYYYY !!!
Indeed made my day.
Milkshakes & Burgers with curly fires, kids happily sorted.
Now other burgers joints have to either lift their game or leave the game, burgers war is ON !!!”

Yaseen Hairder

“Went in tonight for a little birthday feed and what can I say, I was amazed at the menu choices and hospitality of the owner. We had the Pops steak burger with the Nashville chutney, colonel Sanders burger, and mozzarella sticks. Unfortunately they had run out of the wings but hey there’s always next time! The steak was soft, the Nashville chutney was just the right amount spicy and the chicken in the colonel Sanders was juicy and cooked to perfection. Also a huge plus for us was that the burgers were not dripping sauce and falling apart. We will definitely be coming back and trying out the rest of the menu. Keep up the great work!”

Mohammed Shahim