Forest Lake Resident Renews Call For Removal of Toll at the Logan Motorway, Transurban Queensland Bares New Plans for Improvement

A Forest Lake resident has renewed the call for tolls to be removed from the Logan Motorway. Residents are demanding the removal of the toll because motorists are clogging up residential streets in the area just to avoid paying it.

To make things worse, the toll increased by 5c and now many motorists are using Forest Lake Boulevard to avoid paying. Congestion has become worse, even posing a risk to children playing in the streets.

This is not the first plea regarding the removal of the Logan Motorway toll. Former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale also called for the removal of the toll in April, a move which gained plenty of support.

However, it seems that the toll at the motorway in not likely to be be gone until 2051, much longer than the original plan, which supposedly would only last until next year. This development follows after a set of complex and expensive ownership shuffles, which privatised the motorway in 2011.

Just this June, the $512 million Logan Enhancement Project started, which involves the upgrading of the Logan and Gateway Extension motorways to help improve congestion and safety.

The motorway tolls are managed by Transurban Queensland. They have recently come up with a new idea to lessen the traffic in motorways through express lanes. Toll fees will fluctuate depending on the hour, with different rates for peak and non-peak hours, giving motorists the option to take a faster route depending on their preference.