DA Lodged to Update Repurposing Proposal for Former Masters Store in Richlands

Home Consortium has lodged a development application involving internal reconfigurations and extensions to a previously approved multi-tenancy retail centre at the former Masters Home Improvement Store site in Richlands. 

The development site is located on a 48,610sqm land at 144 Pine Road, Richlands and is within close proximity to the Richlands Train Station, Centenary Motorway, and the Ipswich Motorway.

The development proposal includes the utilisation of the existing buildings and infrastructure at the site including the car parking access from Pine Road, stormwater connections, perimeter and car park, Garden Road dedicated service road and servicing and loading docks, and pedestrian routes from both Pine and Garden Roads.

Site location | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au

The proposal, designed by the Buchan Group, seeks approval for the internal reconfigurations and extensions to the existing building as part of the repurposing plans for the former Masters building which aims to accommodate a range of retail and commercial tenants.

To meet market demands, the development proposal is an improvement to the previously approved layout which updates the internal configuration to the premises including the increasing of tenancy sizing from four to 16, orientation, and general configuration. 

Former Masters Store buidling repurposing proposal
Proposed Site Plan | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council – Buchan Group / pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au

Whilst the tenancy mix has not yet been finalised, the Centre Activities will include a shopping centre, shop, indoor sport and recreation, health care services, office, service  industry, and veterinary services. Approval for a Showroom use of less than 1,500sqm is also being sought.

The proposed eastern extension to the existing building, on the other hand, is for a single tenancy covering an area of 1,997 square metres. The extension plan involves the removal of minor landscaping within the car parking area. At the north-east corner of the extension, additional supplementary planting is proposed with an extra shade tree and understorey planting.

“The proposed design of this extension is considered appropriate in the context of the existing premises and intent for commercial development within the Richlands Central Precinct. The main façade to the new tenancy includes extensive glazing and a new covered awning at the entrance. This reduces building bulk as viewed from the Pine Road street frontage, plus provides for a legible landmark as you enter the site by private vehicle,”  the Urbis Assessment Report said.

Former Masters Store buidling repurposing proposal
Location of the proposed Child Care Centre | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council –  Cox Architecture / pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au

The repurposing plan also involves the currently being assessed development proposal for a 140-place child care centre to be located at the western end of the existing building with indoor and outdoor play areas.

Former Masters Store buidling repurposing proposal
Kiosk Precinct | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council – Buchan Group / pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au

Also under the proposal is the establishment of a new kiosk at the frontage of the subject building involving the construction of four 45-square-metre tenancies, removal of 20 car parking spaces, delivery of an arcade like treatment for the pedestrian spine between the building and kiosks, and landscaping.

“The kiosk tenancies incorporate passive design features with back and front of house areas including permeable façade elements including horizontal windows, service points and display areas. Each kiosk includes a dedicated landscaped casual seating arrangement. The strategic placing of vegetation softens the hardscape and built form elements, whilst the façade climber planting responds to surrounding aspects and orientation. 

Proposed pedestrian spine | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council – Buchan Group / pdonline.brisbane.qld.gov.au

“The development proposal will spark the reuse and revitalisation of the currently disused centre which is of significant strategic importance to both the Richlands community and broader south west district of Brisbane.

”The proposed kiosks at the frontage of the existing building will offer new greater opportunities for a wider range of tenants. This will contribute to better activation of the site at different times of the day and night.”