Turning the Screws on Crime with Forest Lake Men’s Shed’s New Event

A collaborative event between the police and members of the local Men’s Shed at Forest Lake, appropriately titled “Turning the Screws on Crime”, led to a total of 92 number plates being changed and secured with one-way screws. 

Members and volunteers from the South Brisbane District Crime Prevention Unit worked alongside handymen from the Men’s Shed at Forest Lake on the 13th of February to secure a series of automobile number plates with one-way screws to prevent theft. 

Members of Forest Lake Men’s Shed posing with handmade possum and bat boxes.
Photo credit: Supplied

“Turning the Screws on Crime” ran for a total of three hours, with 92 turnups all in all. Members of the Men’s Shed, in tandem with the police, worked hard under the sun to guarantee the safety of the Forest Lake populace. Fortunately, the event came with free food, as well as free coffee supplied by a coffee van from Cafe2U. 

Cafe2U coffee van supplying attendants and volunteers
Photo credit: Facebook

What makes license plates a prime target for thieves is the fact that offenders can attach stolen plates to stolen cars, allowing them to drive through tolls, evade fines, and speed away after committing other crimes such as petrol drive-offs without being caught. All fines and offences will be traced to the victim, causing them a great deal of grief and difficulty.

With the installation of one-way screws, thieves are greatly deterred for they’ll have a significantly more difficult time trying to steal license plates from vehicles. With the event’s sizable turn-out, coupled with the presence of the police, many would-be offenders in Forest Lake would think twice.