Forest Lake Man Becomes $2.8 Million Richer Overnight

A Forest Lake resident experienced a moment of disbelief after discovering he held a winning ticket worth over $2.8 million.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, became an instant multi-millionaire after his ticket matched the winning numbers, securing him a life-changing sum of $2,857,142.86.

According to officials, the winner checked his ticket shortly after the draw and was so surprised by his newfound fortune that he resorted to pinching himself multiple times to confirm it wasn’t a dream. 

Initially sceptical of his own eyes, the man confided in a select few family members but opted to keep the win largely private.

Expressing his overwhelming gratitude, the winner highlighted his plans to use the windfall to support his loved ones. He plans to use a significant portion of the prise to financially support his family, including purchasing a property for his mother. 

The winning ticket, a 50-game QuickPick entry, was conveniently purchased online and was drawn on the 10th of February 2024.

Published Date 26-April-2024