Watch! Mt Ommaney Fire and Emergency Crew Save Adorable Ducklings from Storm Drain in Forest Lake

A group of 11 ducklings found themselves in a bit of a quacky situation when they tumbled into a storm drain in Forest Lake; not for long though, thanks to the dedicated fire and emergency officers from the Mt Ommaney Fire and Rescue Station.

The incident unfolded on Friday, Sept 1 when these adorable ducklings strayed too close to the edge of a storm drain and, one by one slipped into the dark abyss.

Fortunately, their worried parents were not about to let their feathery offspring face this predicament alone. Quacking frantically, duck mum and dad attracted the attention of a nearby homeowner who quickly dialled emergency services.

Responding to the call, the Mt Ommaney Fire and Rescue crew arrived swiftly, prepared to do whatever it took to reunite the family.

Equipped with specialised tools and equipment, the rescuers carefully took the ducklings out of the drain. One by one, they scooped up the frightened ducklings and lifted them to safety.

The reunion between the ducklings and their relieved parents was captured on camera, with footage showing the ducklings eagerly waddling toward their mother, who counted each of them as they emerged from the rescue bag, ensuring no one was left behind.

Overjoyed by the successful rescue, the homeowners expressed their gratitude to the dedicated fire and emergency officers.

“She counted them as they came out of the bag. No need to look.”

“Thank you two for your service and for going above and beyond your job god bless and keep you all safe.

“In these times when there is so much bad on fb or the news it is so nice to see this. Thank you to QFES for all that you do. This is so so good to see 💞 🥰” 

Published 3-Sept-2023