Oodles of Fun at Monthly Forest Lake Play Date

Oodles, a delightful mix of poodle and other breeds like Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, or Labradors, are the stars of a monthly play date organised at an off-leash dog park in Forest Lake.

Natalie Pham, a Forest Lake resident and proud owner of two adorable Oodles named Dino and Bambi, is the woman behind this regular event. Natalie’s took inspiration from her frequent encounters with fellow Oodle owners during her afternoon strolls with her beloved pets.

Having to sometimes travel nearly an hour for previous Oodle play dates with people she knew, Natalie decided it was time to create a local hub for Forest Lake Oodle owners.

She kickstarted her initiative by posting about the event on the Forest Lake Community Facebook page and created an official event for like-minded pet parents to join.

The response to Natalie’s event was immediate and enthusiastic. While approximately 20 people had initially indicated their attendance on the Facebook event page, the actual turnout exceeded all expectations. 

Surprisingly, over 40 Oodles attended the event, accompanied by their fur families, making the event a delightful and bustling gathering.

Oodles Play Date
Photo Credit: Dino & Bambi

As the event unfolded, Natalie discovered that the playdate served a greater community purpose. It provided a safe haven for Oodle owners who had previously encountered negative experiences at other dog parks, leading to anxiety in both their dogs and themselves. This newfound sense of camaraderie and safety has inspired Natalie to envision the playdate as an ongoing monthly event.

The next Oodles Play Date has been set for Sunday, 11 Feb 2024 from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. 

Published 21-Jan-2024