Long-Shuttered Inala Skate Rink Listed for Sale, Marking End of Era

Formerly a vibrant hub for skaters in South-West Brisbane, the Inala skating rink has languished as a neglected eyesore for two decades and is finally going up for sale, as prospective buyers and community stakeholders envision a new era of growth and opportunity for the area.

Citing the tremendous support for the approved DA A005187397 from the community and local government, Ray White Commercial’s Michael Feltoe is optimistic about the reconstruction.

Inala Skate Rink
Photo Credit: Screengrabs from Google Maps

The approval of a proposal for a pool and gym complex by Brisbane City Council in 2019 gave rise to optimism for a revitalisation project. By mid-2021, however, other specifics had to be determined, creating doubts about the planned three-story sports and commercial complex.

The rebuilding plans, by developer and Inala lawyer Hien Thi Nguyen, her brother Manh Nguyen, Justin Bellas, and Nathan Vecchio, received a lot of support with 2,171 submissions. This public backing emphasises how important it is to repurpose the location, which has sentimental meaning for many residents who learned to skate there.

Cr Charles Strunk (Forest Lake Ward) noted the community’s ongoing interest in the skate rink location, a frequently discussed topic in the ward. The property’s path, from its $1-million acquisition in March 2007 to the present auction, illustrates how the local real estate market is changing.

The property represents the shifting dynamics of the local real estate market as it goes from its dilapidated state to the auction block. Stakeholders are looking forward to the next chapter in the history of the Inala skating rink, which is expected to bring opportunities and positive development for everyone involved, and are excitedly awaiting the auction on 22 March 2024.

Published 19-March-2024