QPS Confirms Legitimacy of ‘Fake’ Richlands Parking Ticket

A divisive parking ticket discovered at Richlands Train Station has sparked debate among motorists, raising questions about its authenticity. However, Queensland Police have stepped in to settle the controversy.

A Reddit user shared a photo of the contentious QPS parking ticket found on their vehicle after parking at Richlands Train Station, prompting speculation about its validity.

“Scare tactic or do police really hand out parking tickets at the Richlands train station car park?” the original poster (OP)  asked. “It looks fake as and even looks like an ink printer was used.”

Further discussions on the platform revealed varying opinions, with some suggesting it was a legitimate warning from police about an impending fine. In contrast, others speculated it could have originated from train station staff.

The OP was directed to a similar post in 2022, indicating that the parking ticket was indeed from WPS.

“There’s been lots of speculation here, but the correct answer is:

When police issue parking fines using their iPad device, the fine is automatically printed and mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. Some police officers will leave that slip of paper on the vehicle to let the driver know that the fine has been issued and they should expect to get one in the mail.

Source: Am a QPS officer,” the commenter said.

According to a police spokeswoman, such notices are placed on windshields to inform drivers of an impending infringement notice, which is automatically generated and sent via mail to the registered owner of the vehicle.

“As the infringement notice is sent to the address of the person who the vehicle is registered to, the paper notice put on the windscreen is to let the driver know they’ve received an infringement, as they are not with the car at the time the fine is handed out,” the spokesperson said. 

Published 27-February-2024